What is the price of the app?

    The app is $30 per store per year.

    How do I add a new store?

    Go to the "STORES" tab then click on the "Add Store" button. Fill out the following form with all of your store’s details, then hit the "Add" button.

    How do I change my password?

    Click on the "MY ACCOUNT" tab then click on the "Edit" button. Change the "Password" field then click the "UPDATE" button. Your password must follow the following rules: Password must contain at least 1 lowercase letter. Password must contain at least 1 uppercase letter. Password must contain at least one special character. Password must contain at least 1 number. Password must be at least 6 characters long.

    How do I deactivate a device?

    Click on the "STORES" tab. Find the desired store and click on "Activations." This will pull down a list of devices that are using the app specific to this store. Click on "DEACTIVATE" next to the desired device. To reactivate a device simply click on "ACTIVATE" next to the desired device.

    How do I install the app on multiple devices in my restaurant?

    Before purchasing the app, make sure you are logged in with the Apple ID/Google Account that is going to be associated with the store. Go to the Apple Store/Google Play Store or visit website to purchase and download the app. This purchase is now tied to your Apple/Google account, therefore you will be able to download the app, without having to purchase it again, on any device in your store that is signed in using the same Apple/Google account.

    How do I sign into the app?

    Launch the Hazcom app. The screen will prompt you for a store number and password. The store number and password can be received through an automated email from mcdhazcom.com, that can be triggered on the "STORES" tab. If you do not have access to mcdhazcom.com please ask your stores administrator for assistance in receiving activation credentials.

    Where can I get the app password?

    Your store's account administrator will send you an email containing the password, download and installation instructions. If you have access to the Hazcom portal, login and navigate to the "STORES" tab. Here you will see a list of your stores. Next to each store there is an “Email” textbox. Here you can enter the emails you'd like to receive the store password.